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Electric Pallet Trucks with 3,000 lbs. Capacity and under.
Full Power Pallet Truck - 3,000 lbs. Cap.-25"x48"
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Full Power Pallet Truck - 3,000 lbs. Cap.-25"x48"
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Full Power Pallet Truck - 3,000 lbs. Cap.-25"x48"
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Fully powered pallet truck for easy and quick operation.  Includes fingertip raise and lower buttons. Easy-to-operate throttle for forward and reverse direction. Throttle offers infinite forward and reverse speeds. Battery charger is included. Horn is included. Safety belly reverse button is included. Units run off 24V batteries. Model MRK-ETT30FP uses two 12V batteries with 70Ah.


·  SepEx control system provides smooth acceleration and energy saving braking.

·  Emergency reversing device.

·  Multi-function display: battery status, hour meter, fault indicator etc.

·  Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads.

·  Braking applies with handle upright and horizontal position.

·  Emergency power disconnect.

·  Low speed switch in the handle.

·  Step less speed control.


·  Parallel motor mounting on vertical drive wheel ensures convenience for inspection and maintenance while also ensuring a small turning radius.

·  The structure of motor is water-proof and dust-proof, which makes the braking and motor more durable and reliable.

·  Built-in charger for easy charging.

·  Spring-loaded castors improve lateral stability on uneven floors and enhance truck performance and service life.

·  One-piece heavy gauge steel is formed for maximum strength forks.

·  Compact and smart structure, with particular small radius, which is a good choice for narrow aisle operation.


·  Low battery protection setting prolong the battery use time.

·  Combined balance wheels, driving system is steady, preventing the truck being rocked from side to side.

·  CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity and increase reliability.

·  Hall-effect throttle control eliminates wear components and requiring no mechanical adjustment.

·  All pivot points have grease fitting and serviceable bushing, reducing component wear and extending component life.

·  The back cover is easy to open, convenient to repair and maintain.

Capacity: 3,000 lbs.

Fork Width / Length:  25.6" x 48"

Lowered Height: 3.3"

Raised Height: 7.99"

Not for use on inclined or declined surfaces greater than 4°

This 25"W x 48"L Electric Pallet Truck comes with batteries and charger.
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Full Power Pallet Truck - 3,000 lbs. Cap.-25"x48"


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