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Dockleveler - Overall Size With Lip - 6'W x 10'4"L
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Dockleveler - Overall Size With Lip - 6'W x 10'4"L
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Dockleveler - Overall Size With Lip - 6'W x 10'4"L
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$5,292.00  $5,063.00
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Our line of Electric Hydraulic docklevelers fit best with applications that have high usage dock areas.  This is an easy to operate unit, the operator just pushes and holds the raise button which activates the hydraulic pump and raises the deck.  When the deck reaches the raised position the lip automatically extends.  The operator would then release the raise button and the deck would descend and rest on the trailer.  When the truck pulls away, the deck descends to full down position, it trips the limit switch and returns automatically to the level support cross traffic position.  Available in 115/208/230 V, 1 phase, or 208/230/460 V, 3 phase power options.  Includes (2) Laminated bumpers and a service range of +/- 12".

Hot features include:

State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Design

Simple Operation with the Push of a Button

Before ordering please consult with a sales person at MRK SALES, INC. so we can provide you with a Pit Drawing that you need to fill out so we can make sure the dockleveler you are ordering is correct.

Overall Size With Lip: 6' W x 10'4" L

Operation: Electric Hydraulic

Capacity: 20,000 lbs.

Net Weight: 2310 lbs.

Item Options
Dual Vinyle Weather Stripping Pre-Installed
WS-DV (Add $84.00)
Curp Angle Set for any size dockleveler
CAS (Add $232.00)
Shallow Pit Option - 17-1/2" Minimum depth.
SPO (Add $104.00)
Under Deck Foam Insulation
FI (Add $198.00)
18" Long Lip for 6' Wide Dockleveler
18"LIP/6 (Add $134.00)
30,000 Pound Capacity for 10' length
30K/10 (Add $1,358.00)
Leg Option for in Front of Dock Placement for 10' Length
FOD/10' (Add $609.00)
Steel Shell for 6' x 10' Pour In Place Installation
SS/610 (Add $575.00)
Manual Cross Traffic Return System "EH" System Only
Cold Weather Oil - Good to - -54 Degrees F
CWO (Add $63.00)
Lip Extension Button to extend the lip
LIP-EX (Add $234.00)
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Dockleveler - Overall Size With Lip - 6'W x 10'4"L
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Dockleveler - Overall Size With Lip - 6'W x 10'4"L


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