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Genie Lift 12 to 20 Ft. Jib-Extended
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Genie Lift 12 to 20 Ft. Jib-Extended
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Genie Lift 12 to 20 Ft. Jib-Extended
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Working height maximum

141 ft

Platform height maximum

135 ft

Horizontal reach max – riser extended

59 ft 2 in

Horizontal reach max – riser retracted

69 ft 9 in

Up and over clearance maximum

                                     Riser extended

                                     Riser retracted


75 ft 6 in

32 ft 6 in

Below ground reach

19 ft 3 in

A. Platform length – 8 ft / 6 ft model

3 ft / 2 ft 6 in

B. Platform width – 8ft / 6 ft model

8 ft / 6 ft

C. Height – stowed

10 ft 1 in

D. Length – stowed

42 ft 5 in

E. Width – axles extended

     Width – axles retracted

12 ft 11 in

8 ft 1 in

F. Wheelbase – axles extended

     Wheelbase – axles retracted

13 ft 6 in

15 ft 6 in

G. Ground clearance - center

1 ft 8 in



Lift capacity

600 lbs

Platform rotation

160 degrees

Vertical jib rotation

110 degrees

Turntable rotation

360 degrees continuous

Turntable tailswing – axles extended riser up

Turntable tailswing – riser down

2 ft 7 in


14 ft

Drive speed – stowed

Drive speed – raised

3.0 mph

0.68 mph

Lift speed to full height

96 sec

Gradeability – stowed


Inside turning radius – axles extended

Inside turning radius – axles retracted

7 ft 6 in

18 ft 1 in

Outside turning radius – axles extended

Outside turning raidus – axles retracted

18 ft 6 in

25 ft 6 in


12 V DC proportional


445/65 D22.5 18 ply foam-filled



Power source

Deutz Diesel TD 2011 L04i 4 –cylinder turbo diesel, 74 hp (55 kW)

Perkins Diesel 804-33T 4-cylinder turbo diesel, 83 hp (62 kW)

Cummins Diesel B3.3T 4-cylinder turbo diesel, 80 hp (59.9 kW)

Auxiliary power unit

12 V DC

Hydraulic tank capacity

65 gal

Fuel tank capacity

40 gal



44,900 lbs



ANSI A92.2, CSA B354.4, CE Compliance, AS 1418.10




Steel 8 ft (2.44 m) (standard)

Steel 6 ft (1.83 m)

Steel 6 or 8 ft (1.83 or 2.44 m) tri-entry


12 to 20 ft (3.66 to 6.10 m) Jib-Extended


Deutz turbo diesel, 74 hp (55 kW)

Perkins turbo diesel, 83 hp (62 kW)

Cummins turbo diesel, 80 hp (59.8 kW)


4WD (standard)

4WS (standard)


Extra-wide rough terrain foam-filled (standard)



141 ft (43.15 m) working height

69 ft 9 in (21.26 m) horizontal reach

75 ft 6 in (23.01 m) up and over clearance

Up to 600 lb (272 kg) lift capacity


Xchassis extendable axles

12 to 20 ft (3.66 to 6.10 m) Jib-Extended

Self-leveling platform

Hydraulic platform rotation

Fully proportional Hall effect controls

On-board full diagnostics and engine monitoring display

ALC 1000 electronic control system

Hydraulic oil cooler

Drive enable

AC power cord to platform


Hour meter

Tilt alarm

Descent, motion, & travel alarms

360 degree continuous turntable rotation

Four wheel high angle steer

Four steering modes: front, rear, crab, and coordinated

Four wheel brakes

Full-time positive traction 4WD

Adjustable foot switch timeout

Two speed wheel motors

Configurable controls to limit lift height to 91 ft (27.74 m)

Engine status display


All engines are emissions compliant

12 V DC auxiliary power

Engine protection package

Deutz intake air heater

Swing out engine tray


Item Options
74 hp Deutz Tier IVi diesel, turbo charged, air-cooled
83 hp Perkins Tier III diesel, turbo charged, water-cooled
Z-135/704WD4WS-2 (Add $2,490.00)
80 hp Cummins Tier III diesel, turbo-charged, water-cooled
Z-135/704WD4WS-3 (Add $1,396.00)
8 ft. tri-entry steel platform
Z-135/704WD4WS-4 (Add $595.00)
Aircraft protection (includes platform foam padding and padded disable system)
Z-135/704WD4WS-5 (Add $7,025.00)
Platform swing gate
Z-135/704WD4WS-6 (Add $630.00)
6 ft. or 8 ft. platform 1/2 height mesh inserts with swing gate
Z-135/704WD4WS-7 (Add $830.00)
Air line platform
Z-135/704WD4WS-8 (Add $1,155.00)
Platform auxiliary top rail
Z-135/704WD4WS-9 (Add $880.00)
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid
Z-135/704WD4WS-10 (Add $6,540.00)
Fire resistant hydraulic fluid
Z-135/704WD4WS-11 (Add $3,844.00)
Basic hostile environment kit (cylinder bellows, boom wiper seals, platform control box covers, boom hole covers)
Z-135/704WD4WS-12 (Add $4,440.00)
Deluxe hostile enviornment kit (basic hostile environment package plus ring gear guard, air pre-cleaner, cable track covers)
Z-135/704WD4WS-13 (Add $7,890.00)
Diesel scrubber muffler with spark arrestor
Z-135/704WD4WS-14 (Add $3,685.00)
Intake air pre-cleaner (Deutz only)
Z-135/704WD4WS-15 (Add $580.00)
AC generator (110V/60 Hz, 3000W or 220V/50Hz, 2500W)
Z-135/704WD4WS-16 (Add $5,080.00)
Weld leads to platform
Z-135/704WD4WS-17 (Add $5,000.00)
Welder Ready package
Z-135/704WD4WS-18 (Add $6,615.00)
ArcPro 275 heavy duty welder package
Z-135/704WD4WS-19 (Add $11,130.00)
Cummins or Perkins (5W-40 Syn engine oil, freeze plug heater & 110V battery blanket, oversize foot, switch cover, platform control board heater, platform manifold recirculation)
Z-135/704WD4WS-20 (Add $519.00)
Deutz (5W-40 Syn engine oil, freeze plug heater & 110 battery blanket, oversize foot, switch cover, platform control board heater, platform manifold recirculation)
Z-135/704WD4WS-21 (Add $519.00)
Solid Tires
Z-135/704WD4WS-22 (Add $9,400.00)
Flashing beacons for alarm package
Z-135/704WD4WS-23 (Add $475.00)
Platform control box cover
Z-135/704WD4WS-24 (Add $355.00)
Panel cradle package (required 6 ft. tri-entry platform)
Z-135/704WD4WS-25 (Add $785.00)
Platform work lights (includes two 110V 150W lights)
Z-135/704WD4WS-26 (Add $1,370.00)
Genie Lift
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Genie Lift 12 to 20 Ft. Jib-Extended


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