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Wesley Tow Vehicles/ 2 Passenger, Seated
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Wesley Tow Vehicles/ 2 Passenger, Seated
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Wesley Tow Vehicles/ 2 Passenger, Seated
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$16,130.00  $10,485.00
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This picture represents the PMT-4500 line and models may very between looks.

Wesley International’s tuggers are designed to tow heavy loads in rugged environments, so they are tough, yet simple to operate. Our 36 and 48 Volt models have the power to pull while regenerative braking and our single accelerator/brake pedal assure safe stopping. Plus, they are green-friendly! Zero emissions means they’re safe for people and the environment. Built for durability, these electric vehicles provide years of safe, dependable service.

Voltage: 48 v / 10 hp

Width: 36"

Passengers: 2 / Seated

Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs.

Tow Capacity: 5,000 lbs.

Item Options
36 Volt Electrical System, 7.5 Horsepower, High Torque Sealed Motor (includeds batteries and chager)
EV-E236 (Add $556.00)
48 Volt Electric System, 10 Horsepower, High Torque Sealed Motor (includes batteries and charger)
EV-E248 (Add $1,117.00)
6 Volt Battery, 220 amp hour, 110 minute Spares (each) - Standard Pricing
EV-E036 (Add $0.00)
6 Volt Battery, 245 amp hour, 145 minutes Spares (upgrade per Battery)
EV-E036-HD (Add $104.00)
Removable Battery System (includes chassis modification, battery box, and quick disconnect with cables)
EV-F065 (Add $773.00)
Battery Cart with Charger (holds 2 battery boxes)
EV-F095 (Add $696.00)
Additional 36 Volt Battery Pack (includes cables and quick disconnect)
EV-F365 (Add $1,502.00)
Additional 48 Volt Battery Pack (includes cables and quick disconnect)
EV-F485 (Add $1,854.00)
On-Board 25 amp Fully Automatic Sealed Battery Charger - Standard Pricing
EV-E028 (Add $0.00)
Without On-board Charger
Paint Color, Safety Yellow - Standard Pricing
EV-E200 (Add $0.00)
Custom Paint Color
EV-E202 (Add $556.00)
EV-E203 (Add $275.00)
Pneumatic, Load range B (set of 4 with wheels) - Standard Pricing
EV-W002 (Add $0.00)
Foam-filled Tires (set of 4 with wheels in lieu of standard tires)
EV-W418 (Add $450.00)
Solid Non-marking Tires (set of 4 with wheels in lieu of standard tires)
EV-W438 (Add $900.00)
Wide Tires (set of 4 with wheels in lieu of standard tires)
EV-W135 (Add $492.00)
Headlight and Rear Taillight
EV-E210 (Add $260.00)
Rear Stop Light (requires EV-E210)
EV-E211 (Add $208.00)
Flashing Safety Beacon (Amber)
EV-E104 (Add $169.00)
Flashing Safety Beacon (Blue)
EV-E105 (Add $169.00)
Flashing Safety Beacon (Red)
EV-E106 (Add $169.00)
Back-Up Alarm
EV-E159 (Add $114.00)
Proximity Alarm
EV-E149 (Add $114.00)
Heavy Duty Tugger Transaxle (available only on 36 and 48 volt)
EV-D135 (Add $1,398.00)
Hitch, Bolt-on, Spring-loaded Clevis Type
EV-F130 (Add $149.00)
Hitch, Bolt-on, Clevis Type
EV-F135 (Add $120.00)
Hitch, Bolt-on, Pintle type
EV-F092 (Add $149.00)
Hitch, Bolt-on, Auto Coupling
EV-F133 (Add $275.00)
Perma-Key Switch
EV-E194 (Add $26.00)
Extended Deck Lengths up to 60" - Call for Pricing
EV-S101 (Add $0.00)
Custom Frame Sizes - Call for Pricing
EV-S102 (Add $0.00)
Programming/Diagnostic Handset
EV-E151 (Add $556.00)
Small Clip Board
EV-F047 (Add $85.00)
Large Clip Board
EV-F046 (Add $163.00)
Galvanized Deck (in lieu of plywood)
EV-F058 (Add $390.00)
Galvanized Frame
EV-G100 (Add $1,053.00)
Upper Parcel Deck (250 lb. capacity)
EV-F212 (Add $556.00)
Rubber Deck Cover
EV-F136 (Add $140.00)
Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat
EV-F137 (Add $140.00)
Large Pencil and Knife Holder
EV-F217 (Add $55.00)
Crating Charge (required unless picked up at factory)
EV-F510 (Add $163.00)
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Wesley International
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Wesley Tow Vehicles/ 2 Passenger, Seated


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