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Accepts Polypropylene
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Accepts Polypropylene
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Accepts Polypropylene
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The Manual Pallet Probe is a quick and simple answer to a long time dilemma - getting poly strapping through your pallet. To use, simply transport cart to your loaded pallet, extend arm and run strapping to
end clip. After strapping is secure, roll cart probe into pallet along center stringer. The strapping arm will then protrude out the other end allowing the operator to pull the strapping up and over pallet. Unit accepts
polypropylene strapping. Tray size is 19"W x 53⁄4"D. The maximum core width is 5", while the minimum core width is 21⁄2". Overall material diameter is 16" with a minimum of 133⁄4". Strapping is not included.

Strapping Acceptable: Polypropylene

Arm Length: 40"

Standard Material: 24" Max. Diameter

Net Weight: 110 lbs.

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Accepts Polypropylene


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