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We offer quality made Heavy-Duty Manual Turntables.
Capacity: 300 lbs. / 18" Diameter
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Capacity: 300 lbs. / 18" Diameter
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Capacity: 300 lbs. / 18" Diameter
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Maximize workspace and minimize wasteful motion. Benchtop turntables allow workers to stay in one position and rotate items for access from all sides. No need to walk around the table to access areas out of view. Easy, smooth rotation. More than one person can work on projects
without getting in each other's way. Use for hundreds of applications; displays, paint spraying, assembly units, repairs, etc. Rugged 1⁄2" steel plate construction. Easy, smooth rotation won't jostle delicate parts.

Diameter: 18"

Height Range: 24" to 34"

Capacity: 300 lbs.

Net Weight: 85 lbs.

Manual Turntables
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Capacity: 300 lbs. / 18" Diameter


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