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Curtis 1313-4401 Brand New
We are offering this brand new 1313-4401 for $850.00
$1,195.00  $650.00
Best Value Pallet Truck - 20" x 96"
KPT Series Pallet Truck is a reliable working pallet truck. Over 100,000 sold!

Are you in the market for a Cart?  MRK SALES, INC., offers a wide variety of sizes, models, capacities, and brands for less.  When it comes to your cart needs, make MRK SALES, INC., your number one supplier.


Sub Categories
A-Frame Carts
MRK SALES, INC. offers A-Frame Carts for all types of industries. When it comes to your A-Frame Carts needs, MRK SALES, INC has the solution for you.
Aluminum Carts
MRK SALES, INC. offers Aluminum Carts for all types of industries. When it comes to your Aluminum Cart needs, MRK SALES, INC has the solution for you.
Bar and Pipe Carts
We offer carts that allow you to mover bar and pipe at ease.
Battery Mover Carts
Battery Mover Carts allow you to move Industrial batteries with ease.
Box Carts (Solid / Mesh)
We offer a wide selection of Box Carts which include Mesh and solid types.
Computer Carts
We are your resource for Computer Carts.
Deluxe Luggage Carts
These carts are in large demand for areas that transport luggage for customers with in a building. Our types customers include hotels, resorts, cruise boats, etc.
Dual Sided Plastic Bin Carts
MRK SALES, INC. offers not only the carts but the plastic bins you need for your Dual Sided Plastic Bin Carts.
Easy Access Stock Carts
Easy Access Stock Carts make a stocking job simple.
Ergo-Handle Carts
These comfort grip handles allow pushing a cart an ease due to the ergonomical handle design.
Gooseneck Carts
This is an all-purpose designed cart that is great for handling light loads throughout the warehouse or office.
Heavy-Duty Cradle Carts
With these units you can move and store pipe, channel, bar stock, barrels, or drums.
Instrument Carts
We offer many different types of instrument carts for all your specific working needs.
Landscape Carts
Transport plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, rocks and other small materials or parts with our complete line of landscape carts.
Mobile Tables
We offer a wide variety of mobile tables in many different sizes, capacities, and wheel types.
Mobile Workbench Carts
MRK SALES, INC. offers a large selection of different types of mobile work bench carts which allow you to get all types of job done.
Multi-Tier Stock Carts
With these unique carts it is easy to organize and reach parts when necessary to.
Portable Cardboard Carton Carts
These portable carts are designed to store, organize and transport your empty cardboard boxes.
Panel Carts
These carts are designed for quickly and easily moving sheets of plywood or drywall down small aisles or through doorways.
Plastic Utility Service Carts
Plastic Utility Service Carts are light weight and can be washed down.
Platform Carts
These type of carts are very popular in shipping and receiving rooms, warehouses, stockrooms, shops, laboratories and stores.
Security Carts
Security Carts allows you to keep your items protected.
Service Carts
Service Carts allow you to move items such as UPS boxes, packaging equipment, parts, and many other materials at ease.
Single And Double Sided Removeable Tray Trucks
At MRK SALES, INC. we offer all types of Single And Double Sided Removeable Tray Trucks to get the jobs done.
Solid And Mesh Pan Tray Carts
We offer what you need when it comes to your Solid And Mesh Pan Tray Carts.
Stainless Steel Carts
These carts are very popular in clean areas of companies. Such companies include food and drug companies.
Stock Carts
If you are in the market for a stock cart please feel free to check out our site and visit our many makes and models.
Stock Rite Carts
These carts include adjustable shelves which allow employees to set the height at which they need to pull products off the shelf.
Stockpicker Carts
These oversized units are perfect for large jobs. Ideal for oversized cartons, boxes, parts and supplies.
Tote Box Holder Carts
We offer the highest of quality when it comes to our Tote Box Holder Carts.
Traction Drive Carts
With our Traction Drive Carts you are able to move loads without manual labor.
Tray Carts & Trays - Quantum Storage
We are your source for Tray Carts & Trays - Quantum Storage.
V-Groove Pipe Mover Cart
With these units you have the ability to move long pipe with only one person.
MRK SALES, INC. offers many different Wagons for all your industrial moving needs.
Welding Cylinder Torch Carts
We are your source for Welding Cylinder Torch Carts.
Wire Reel Caddy
These units are designed to easily move wire reels where you need them the most.
Wire Shelving Carts
We are your resource for Wire Shelving Carts.
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MRK SALES, INC. offers a wide variety of carts for all your cart needs.
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We specialize in parts for aerial lifts, floor scrubbers, forklifts, pallet jacks, personnel carriers, sprayers, stackers, tractors and tuggers.

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