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Best Value Pallet Truck - 27" x 96"
KPT Series Pallet Truck is a reliable working pallet truck. Over 100,000 sold!
Pallet Jack Stop
The MRK SALES, INC. Pallet Truck Dock helps to keep a pallet jack in a specific spot in a semi-trailer.
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Sub Categories
Scale Pallet Trucks
Pallet Trucks with scales on them.
Analytical Balances
We offer quality made Analytical Balances.
we offer many different manufacture Bases.
Bench Scales
Bench Scales for weighing products
Compact Scales
Compact Scales for tight counter areas.
Counting Scales
Counting Scales for counting by weight.
Crane Scales
we are your supported of Crane Scales.
Floor Scales
Floor scales for many different types of weight applications.
Health & Medical Scales
We are your source for Health and Medical Scales.
Mechanical Balances / Scales
We are your number one source for Mechanical Balances / Scales.
Moisture Analyzers
MRK SALES, INC. makes sure that we bring you quality Moisture Analyzers for less.
Ohaus Scale Accessories
We are your resource for Ohaus Scale Accessories.
Parts Scales
Parts Scales allow you to get a stable weight reading fast.
We offer the scale platforms you need.
Portable Scales
We are your source for Portable Scales.
Precision Balances
We are your supplier for quality made Precision Balances.
Retail Scales
Retail Scales for different applications
Scale Indicators
Scale Indicators for different types of units
Scale Stackers
Scale Stackers that help you weigh and stack your loads.
Spring Scales
We are your source for many different types of Spring Scales.
Test Weights
Test Weights for scales
Thermal Printers
Thermal Printers for low cost and high quality uses.
Vet Scales
MRK SALES, INC. even offers quality Vet Scales for less.
Wash Down Scales
We are your number one source for quality made Wash Down Scales.
Scales allow you to know the weight of an item.
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We specialize in parts for aerial lifts, floor scrubbers, forklifts, pallet jacks, personnel carriers, sprayers, stackers, tractors and tuggers.

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