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KPT Series Pallet Truck is a reliable working pallet truck. Over 100,000 sold!
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Pallet Trucks
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Are you in the market for a pallet truck.  MRK SALES, INC., offers a wide variety of sizes, models, capacities, and brands for less.  When it comes to your pallet truck needs, make MRK SALES, INC., your number one supplier.  We are also now offering parts for almost all pallet truck brands. We also do customize sizes when it comes to manual pallet trucks.

Pallet Trucks

Sub Categories
Manual Pallet Trucks
MRK SALES, INC. offers many different types of manual pallet trucks.
Electric Pallet Truck
Electric Pallet Trucks are battery operated units. Able to carrier different load capacities.
Corrosion Resistant Pallet Trucks
We offer a wide selection of Corrosion Resistant Pallet Trucks.
High-Lifting Pallet Trucks
High Lifting-Pallet Trucks lift to about 32"
Automatic Level Control High-Lifting Pallet Truck
We offer a solution to many customers who have repetitive lifting problems. These units automatically adjust the load levels that are set with the lift.
Low-Profile Pallet Trucks
Low-Profile Pallet Trucks have a lowered height of 2" or less
Pallet Truck w/Break
Pallet Trucks with breaks allow you to control the speed of a pallet truck.
Scale Pallet Trucks
Scale Pallet Trucks allow you to know the weight of your pallets.
Galvanized Pallet Trucks
Galvanized Pallet Trucks allow you to work in a clean area and not worry about rust.
Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks
Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks are used for the food industry and pharmaceutical industry with severe demands for hygiene and cleaning
Power Start Pallet Trucks
Power Start Pallet Trucks allow you to move the wheel to help to get the pallet truck rolling.
Freezer Special Pallet Trucks
Special Pallet Trucks designed for a freezer
Zink Coated Pallet Trucks
Zink Coated Pallet Trucks are used for corrosive or wet environments
Big Wheel Pallet Trucks
Big Wheel Pallet Trucks are designed to lift much higher then normal pallet trucks.
All Terrain Pallet Trucks
All Terrain Pallet Trucks are great for outdoor off road use.
Wheel Nosed Pallet Trucks
Wheel Nosed Pallet Trucks allow the wheel to go into the pallet first.
Dual Direction Pallet Trucks
Dual Direction Pallet Trucks allow you to move loads in four directions.
Pallet Truck Extras
Pallet Truck Extras include items that attach or work with a pallet truck directly.
Reel Carring Pallet Trucks
Reel Carring Pallet Trucks
Roll Handling Pallet Trucks
Roll Handling Pallet Truck for drums or rolls
Silent Transportation Pallet Trucks
We offer one of the only types of pallet trucks designed for noiseless transportation.
Single Fork Pallet Trucks
We are your number one source for Single Fork Pallet Trucks.
Skid Pallet Trucks
We are your source for quality Skid Pallet Trucks.
Looking for a pallet truck.  MRK SALES, INC offers one of the largest selections of pallet trucks in the industry.
Category List
Pallet Trucks


We specialize in parts for aerial lifts, floor scrubbers, forklifts, pallet jacks, personnel carriers, sprayers, stackers, tractors and tuggers.

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